Come help in saving water.

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Global Community

We have only one planet “Earth” as our home. We have limited resources including water. We don’t have the option to go to Planet B or Planet C. In fact, the Sustainability Development Goal also targets to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030.

We at MWSE believe that each one of us from different corners of earth can play role in protecting the planet. If you want to be an agent of change and want to contribute in protecting and preserving the only world, we’ve got than join our Global Community?

We expect each change agent to work on assignment related to issue of water. You would be provided a mentor from MWSE to guide you. You can write to us on info@mwse.co with subject heading “agent of change”. This is good opportunity for students, professional to use their skill to explore the issue of water. The greatest reward is the joy of contributing in your own way on the issues.

Meet some of our Global Change Agent.


Aarti is design strategist and researcher. She is skilled in design thinking, design research and digital marketing. She is supporting in developing consumer insights to build brands systems and Services.


Aditya is passionate about leveraging technology and business management skills to find market-driven solutions to wicked problems. He has experience in both profit and non-profit organizations, with proficiency in data-analytics, client engagement and market research. At MWSE, He is contributing on innovative market-research to support in design our go-to- market strategy.