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Royal Mask

Royal Mask by MW Social Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

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Product brief
Royal mask has been designed & manufactured by MW Social Enterprise Pvt Ltd in technology partnership with Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)-AMPRI, DSIR, Govt of India.

Quantity: 4 reusable royal masks in one packet
Colour: Space Grey

Why Royal Mask
Three-layer filter I Breathable I Minimal Eye flogging I Reusable minimum exposure & maximum protection I Free size Washable I Anti Dust I Anti-Bacterial
*It is comfortable to wear this mask for longer period as it doesn't irritate you, so it prevents you from touching it regularly or pulling it out of place, which could put you at risk from touching your face or reduce its effectiveness.
(note: This product is not refundable and exchange would be allowed in case of any manufacturing defects)